Bruce Mulcahy Oil Demonstration 2012

IMG_1108 Bruce gave a demonstration of how he paints outdoors in oils onto board. He also showed us techniques of applying the oils and manipulating them when still wet.
He uses warm and cool blues, reds and yellows together with burnt umber and white. These can be used to create most colours.
He works quickly to try to finish the painting in one session, painting the changeable areas as early as possible.
Bruce worked from a photograph of a harbour. The demonstration piece still needed work to include finer details.


Although Bruce paints en plein air, for a demonstration he has to work from photographs taken during painting trips.

The sequence of his oil painting is shown in the following photographs.

Dark areas – mainly boats & buildings


Mid tones – red colours onto buildings


Further mid tones and skyline


Some lighter tones in buildings


Painting half complete at the end of the demonstration


Sample paintings by Bruce Mulcahy




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