Jeremy Taylor oil demonstration 2015

Landscape demonstration in oil paint on board.  The board was covered in a thin coat of Liquin so that the oil paint will spread without added turps or thinners and for quicker drying time.
The board was prepared with a basecoat of burnt umber acrylic so that some could be allowed to show through to brighten and unify the painting.
Jeremy applied the oil directly with small flat nylon brushes in a short multi directional strokes.


Darker blues dabbed in with narrow brush.


Dark mountains and terrain added and then Jeremy softened the clouds by dusting with a soft bristle brush, removing hard edges.


Jeremy applied some creamy white dabs on the clouds, soften the edges and then applied a near white with a small pallet knife, then soften those cloud edges.



Painting at the end of the demonstration.


Palette and brushes


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