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Sue Ford pastel demo 2014

Outline drawing on pastel paper

Outline drawing on pastel paper

Basic colouring

Basic colouring

Refining colours

Refining colours

Bruce Mulcahy oil demonstration 2014

Initial layout sketch in oil paint with low odour thinners on Daler board

Oil paint applied to establish tone, starting with darkest first

Sea and cliff shadow painted

Sky sculpted into grassland taking care to clean the green off the brush and refresh the blue

White applied to sea

Slightly greyer white paint applied to sea in the shadows 

Painting at end of excellent oil demonstration

Demo by Jeremy Taylor 2014

Demonstration by Jeremy Taylor of a landscape in oil.

Jeremy painted after applying liquin in a thin layer on board to lubricate the oil and to speed drying the oils. He used light coloured soft decorator brushes to spread and diffuse the oil colours. He applied colour to the hills with brushes and diffused with the soft brushes. He used a pallet knife lightly over the sky to create the clouds.

Jeremy used a green middle ground to link the blue and purple background and the warmer foreground.






Chinese brush painting 2013

Demonstration by Anne Allan Demonstration by Anne Allan
Anne Allan showed members samples of chinese paper & silk; chinese brushes made from goat hair for washes, weasel & goat hair for fine line and horse, squirrel for special uses; chinese inks & Chinese gouache paint. She also showed paintings in many subjects and styles, describing the special chinese painting methods and style.

Anne then demonstrated flower painting, applying multiple colours on one brush, followed by bees, a butterfly, a fish and a horse in chinese ink.

For the follow-on on Wednesday 20th, rice paper, chinese ink and paints and brushes will be provided. Some images and samples will be available.
Please bring felt/towel/blanket or paper to rest the painting on, paper towel, mixing plate or pallet and water pots. If you have a subject you want to paint please bring images.

Paul Talbot Greaves – 2013

Demonstration painting – almost finished

Sue Smith pastel demo 2013

Painting at end of demonstration Painting at end of demonstration

Bruce Mulcahy Oil Demonstration 2012

IMG_1108 Bruce gave a demonstration of how he paints outdoors in oils onto board. He also showed us techniques of applying the oils and manipulating them when still wet.
He uses warm and cool blues, reds and yellows together with burnt umber and white. These can be used to create most colours.
He works quickly to try to finish the painting in one session, painting the changeable areas as early as possible.
Bruce worked from a photograph of a harbour. The demonstration piece still needed work to include finer details.


Although Bruce paints en plein air, for a demonstration he has to work from photographs taken during painting trips.

The sequence of his oil painting is shown in the following photographs.

Dark areas – mainly boats & buildings


Mid tones – red colours onto buildings


Further mid tones and skyline


Some lighter tones in buildings


Painting half complete at the end of the demonstration


Sample paintings by Bruce Mulcahy