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Mick Burton – Continuous Line Drawing

Mick Burton gave a demonstration workshop at Farsley Art Club.

Mick showed drawings by artists in styles ranging from rigid geometrical designs inspired by islamic mosaics, through complex landscapes, portraits and animals to exquisite, rapidly executed, dynamic “scribbles” by Picasso.

He explained his own background as an amateur artist in the 1970s as he developed his system of drawing and colouring animals. He took up his hobby again in retirement. He showed many line drawings and paintings of animals, people and landscapes.


2016-07-13 20.02.26 2016-07-13 20.02.33

2016-07-13 20.03.28 2016-07-13 20.04.49

2016-07-13 20.04.20 2016-07-13 20.21.32


Mick Burton demonstrated how he converts his initial pencil drawing into a line drawing with a lion as a subject. He did this in sections but kept the same careful style so that his final drawing was coherent and the sections joined with no loose ends or more than one line.

He also demonstrated his method of creating an abstract drawing with several lines travelling around the page as if part of a sphere and enclosing complex spaces. He showed how the spaces can be made into a sequence for colouring adjacent segments of colours in a progressive tonal range.

2016-07-13 20.21.12  2016-07-13 20.23.38

Members’ Drawings

As Mick explained, artists had different styles, some using a scribbled approach and many used more than one line. The Farsley Art Club members showed their own artist flair for variety in the following line drawings.

2016-07-13 20.47.36  2016-07-13 21.04.23

2016-07-13 21.02.37  2016-07-13 21.02.21

2016-07-13 21.02.06 2016-07-13 21.02.43

2016-07-13 21.01.36 2016-07-13 21.01.06

2016-07-13 20.59.39 2016-07-13 21.04.51

2016-07-13 21.00.03 2016-07-13 20.49.19

2016-07-13 21.02.56 2016-07-13 20.48.19