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Lots more activities – There will be more Saturday openings and Tuesdays from March 2017. See the What’s On page.

Workshop with David Hemingway. Wed 22nd March
For the watercolour workshop next Wednesday, David Hemingway recommends that all attendees will need to bring the following:-
A big round sable-type watercolour brush with a decent point (size 14 would be good). Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, a’ leafy’ green (Sap or Hookers type) and Burnt Sienna watercolour paints plus pencil and watercolour paper.
If anybody coming also uses a water diffuser spray, bring that too.

Cober Hill Painting Holiday – Monday Sept 4th to Friday Sept 8th 2017
Dinner, Bed & Breakfast plus a packed lunch each day for £270.
Why not come along, you can paint in the grounds , on the coast , moors or the lovely villages. If you wish just enjoy a few days at the coast, it is your holiday.
If you don’t know Cober Hill find out more on google or ask Ann.
If you are interested please put your name down on the list which is in the pink folder.
Deposit of £68 per person, cheques payable to Cober Hill Ltd by Saturday 11th March (can be left in the office for Ann).
Thanks  Ann

Farsley Art Club – Member’s Exhibition – May 2017
Entry forms are available for the May 2017 exhibition. Forms are due in by Wed 19 April and framed paintings on due to be handed in on Wed 26 April for hanging 3 May. The exhibition starts on 6th May.

Past exhibition images are displayed in the following links. Click to view :
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Visiting Demonstrators
See recent demonstrations on the home page blog.

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Members works – See images of members’ workshop artworks.  Click here >  members’ workshops