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Workshop with Sue Ford

Sue Ford came to Farsley Art Club to run a mixed media collage workshop.
She first paints an abstract background in acrylic paint, then she sticks on pictures from magazines etc. Then she embellishes the painting with more acrylic paint.

Sue Ford examples



Heidi Farrar demonstration

Heidi Farrar gave a presentation of her paintings of furry animals.

Mother bear painted in acrylic and reproduced onto canvas print.
Based on an photograph of a Canadian grizzly bear.

Heidi demonstrated her method of painting hairs in detail using different tones.
Painting in this detail can take over 50 hours.

Wolf painted in acrylic

Panda painted in acrylic

Red Panda painted in acrylic

Heidi brought a peacock painting in a colourful style.

More details of Heidi Farrar’s art >




Terry Chipp demonstration

Demonstration by Terry Chipp of a Venice street in acrylic paint on board.

Terry had already sketched the scene in pencil, pasted over with gesso at varying thicknesses, then gouged the partly hidden lines to reveal them and make shallow grooves and ridges along with added marks to supplement the textures.


Terry wet the gesso surface to aid paint spreading and applied undiluted ultramarine blue and red with kitchen paper to the sky and central area..


Then he applied a brown mixture to the remainder so that all the white was covered.


After wiping off paint with dry kitchen paper to reveal some of the drawing, Terry then revealed more white around the light with wet kitchen paper.


Terry painted dark edges to the bridge and to buildings and some light brown and light yellow to areas in the lamp light.


Mid tones applied to background


Painting at the end of the demonstration.


Paintings displayed by Terry Chipp at the demonstration (photographed in indoor lighting)







Bruce Mulcahy seascape in acrylic 2015

Bruce Mulcahy gave a demonstration using artist quality acrylic, applied with a fairly small white nylon brush, on 200lb cold pressed Bockingford watercolour paper with a slightly rough random texture.

Bruce sketched the position of the main shapes from the photograph of boats in Staithes beck. He established the dark areas with a “black” made from cobalt blue and burnt umber.


Bruce, working from dark to light, painted the similar areas of colour across the scene, creating a unified painting.


Bruce worked through the painting methodically adding the larger areas, a light cobalt blue sky, grass and light sand.


In the short time available, Bruce added detail to the houses and painted the boats.


Painting at end of demonstration, needing an hour or so to refine.


Painting by Bruce Mulcahy

These painting were displayed as examples during Bruce Mulcahy’s demonstration at Farsley Art Club.






Sue Ford workshop 2013 – members’ paintings

Photo 15-10-2013 14 46 33 Photo 15-10-2013 14 46 57 Photo 15-10-2013 14 47 45 Photo 15-10-2013 14 48 02 Photo 15-10-2013 14 48 43 Photo 15-10-2013 14 52 24 Photo 15-10-2013 14 52 47 Photo 15-10-2013 14 55 38 Photo 15-10-2013 14 56 12