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Paul Dene Marlor Workshop

Elephants in Watercolour

Peter & Kate Readman Watercolour Workshop

On Saturday 10th August Peter & Kate did an all day wet on wet watercolour workshop for our club members following on from a demo they did on the previous Wednesday evening. All the club members who attended enjoyed the day and were given plenty of help and tips on how to use watercolour wet on wet. See below for members work.

Phil Biggs Demonstration

Phil Biggs came from Spalding to demonstrate a watercolour painting around Cummock Water in the lakes.

Phil’s colour pallet

Cadmium yellow, raw sienna, burnt sienna, burnt umber, light red, cadmium red, indian red, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, winsor blue and paynes grey.

He used various sizes of squirrel mop brushes and Arches cold pressed (“not”) paper.

For the sky, he used two greys: burnt umber/ultramarine blue and paynes grey.

For the mountains, he mixed various colours coming forward from light hills to dark hills: light red/cobalt blue, ultramarine blue/indian red, raw sienna/cadmium yellow and raw sienna/ultramarine blue.


Phil had already sketched the outline of lakeland mountains, trees and a farm. He added some grey and a little blue into the sky and a couple of distant hills in .

Phil mixed a darker grey for the next layer of mountains, leaving a misty layer.

Phil painted the next layer of mountains with hints of green, yellow and brown.

The nearest two mountains with more mixed greys tending to green and brown.

Phil added tree lines along the lake, trees behind the house. He then washed light colour into the fields and added a hedging across.

Darker greens completed the foreground.

Phil then worked at a conventional slope to complete the sky.

The painting at the end of the demonstration shows a dramatic sky and hills.

The following paintings, and more, can be viewed on Phil Bigg’s web page >

Images copyright of Phil Biggs, artist from Spalding, Lincolnshire UK.

Paul Talbot Greaves 2015

A demonstration by Paul Talbot Greaves in watercolour of a Pennine scene.

Initial sketch from photograph


Pallet of strong watercolours, including dark green, violet and black.


Bright green sunlit grass. Background hills and basic cows shapes.


Violet as first stage of establishing dark wall and shadows. Clear water splashes.


Wall shaped at top with black. Wall and shadow darkened further. Cows coloured.


Distant field colours refined. Horizon and edges of green shadow softened.
Unfinished painting at end of demonstration.


Samples of watercolour painting by Paul Talbot Greaves (under plastic covers)





Robert Brindley 2014

Robert Brindley gave a demonstration workshop for Farsley Art Club.


Members of Farsley Art Club


Colour pallette


Demonstration of boats in watercolour from a photograph


Working on the detail


Painting 70% finished at end of demonstration

Examples paintings by Robert Brindley


Example of Robert Brindley’s work


Painting by Robert Brindley


Painting by Robert Brindley

Richard Gawthorpe 2014

Presentation and talk to Farsley Art Club by Richard Gawthorpe about his paintings.

Examples of his paintings (photos taken in indoor lighting).

IMG_5312 IMG_5313 IMG_5314 IMG_5315

IMG_5319 IMG_5320


Paul Talbot Greaves – 2013

Demonstration painting – almost finished