Autumn Exhibition 2020

Exhibition of members’ paintings 2020

images are the copyright of the artists

Should you wish to purchase a painting please contact committee
member Barbara Place, who will direct you to the Artist.
Barbara`s Email is
Please note: all the paintings are unframed.
NFS  (Not For Sale)

Artist Barbara Place
Artichoke (Watercolour 36cmx28cm) Price £50 
Catching The Waves
(Watercolour 36cmx28cm) SOLD
Clematis  (Watercolour 36cmx28cm)Price £50
Leopard  (Watercolour 36cmx28cm)Price £50
Sunflower  (Watercolour 36cmx28cm)Price £50

Artist David Lyons
Rolling Along (Watercolour 40cmx30cm) Price £40
Winter at Tyersal Beck
(Watercolour 40cmx30cm) Price £50
Love a Paddle
(Watercolour 40cmx30cm) Price £25
(Watercolour 40cmx30cm) Price £45
Rust In Peace
(Watercolour 40cmx30cm) Price £45

Artist Shirley Coles
Mountain Stream in Winter (Pastel 40cmx30cm) Price £40
Field of Gold Cober Hill (Pastel 40cmx30cm) Price £40
Gunnerside  (Pen & Wash 38cmx29cm) Price £40
Pen-y-Ghent (Pastel 40cmx30cm) Price £40
The Approach of Autumn (Pastel 40cmx30cm) Price £40

Artist Pauline Davidson
(Watercolour 36cmx26cm) Price £25
The Allotment
(Watercolour 36cmx26cm) Price £25
Costal Cottages
(Watercolour 34cmx25cm) Price £20
(Watercolour 3cm4x24cm) Price £35
(Acrylic 35cmx25cm) Price £20

Artist Victoria Nolan
Beatrice, Eva, Harriet (Oil on Canvas 53cmx68cm ) NFS
Fire on Ilkley Moor (Oil on Canvas 37cmx67cm ) NFS
Leeds Arena Blue (Oil on Canvas 60cmx90cm ) NFS
The Calf  (Oil on Canvas 80x80cm ) NFS
The Crowd  (Oil on Canvas 50x50cm ) NFS

Artist Shona Brazel
Browness Windermere
(Gouache 42cm x 29cm) NFS
Sandsend (Gouache 42cm x 29cm) NFS
La-Serenissima (Pen & Gouache 21cm x 29cm) Price £45
Whiby Harbour  (Gouache 42cm x 29cm) Price £60
Robin Hoods Bay  (Paper Cut) Price £45

Artist Dorothy Vincent
Race Day 
(Watercolour 35cmx25cm)  Price £30
The Old Ram (Watercolour 35cmx25cm) Price  £20
Reflections  (Watercolour 17cmx26cm) SOLD
Whitby Urchins (Watercolour 34cmx24cm) Price £25
Humber Bridge (Ink & Watercolour 23cmx30cm) Price £20

Artist Anne Mitchell
Trees at Harewood
(Watercolour ) SOLD
Daisies (Watercolour ) Price £20
Blue Ridged Mountains (Watercolour ) Price £20
Evening Beach Walk (Pastel ) Price £20
Sunset Over Sands (Pastel ) SOLD

Artist Christine Lancaster
Brass Pot With Limes (Oil On Paper 24cmx17cm) NFS
Red Sun Glasses (Oil On Board 15cmx15cm) NFS
Waiting in the Wings (Charcoal on Grey tone paper 33cmx28cm) NFS

Artist  Maureen Cormack
Autumn Trees  (
Watercolour 30cmx24cm)   NFS
Field of Flowers  (Watercolour 34cmx24cm)   NFS
Acrylic Pour   (20cmx20cm)   NFS
Cloughton  (Pastel 40cmx27) NFS
Misty Mountains  (Watercolour 33cmx24cm)   NFS

Susana Gonzalez
(Acrylic on Canvas 35cmx46cm)  NFS
Bela (Mixed Media 19cmx27cm)  Price £40
Bruised (Acrylic and Charcoal on paper 55cmx39cm)  NFS
Evolution (Acrylic on Canvas 40.5cmx51cm)  NFS
Under The Sea (Watercolour and Pencil on Paper 25cmx32cm)  Price £55

Artist Pauline Corrieri
See Better Days (Pen & Wash 50cmx40cm) £70
Five Bar Gate (Pen & Wash 33cmx40cm) £50
Oxenhope (Acrylic 50cmx40cm) £70
Fuchsia (Metallic Acrylics 33cmx33cm) £50
Pansies (Mixed Media 33cmx33cm) £50

Artist Frances Exley
Glacier Express  (Acrylic 30cmx25cm) Price £14
Goat (Acrylic 30cmx23cm) Price £8
Barges (Mixed Media 29.5cmx21cm) Price £8
Staithes  (Acrylic 51cmx41cm) Price £18
Seal (Pastel 20.5cmx15cm) Price £5

Artist Derek Dobbs
Mementos Mori I
(Chalk Pastel 42cmx30cm) Price £60
Expanse XXIX  (Chalk Pastel 42cmx30cm Price £50
Moonlit Mountains (Acrylic on Canvas 60cmx39cm) Price £50
Mementos Mori V (Chalk Pastel 42cmx30cm) Price £60
Mementos Mori VI (Pencil 42cmx30cm) Price £60

Artist Julie Kenny
   (Acrylic 28cmx20cm) Price £45
Dark Skies   (Oil 40cmx25cm) Price £60
Lilac  (Watercolour 23cmx31cm) Price £50

Artist Mary Johnson-Green
Sleeping (Ink 28cmx19cm) Price £15
Self Portrait (Ink & Intense pencils 38cmx27cm) NFS
A Reminder that Days will get Better (Ink & Intense Pencils 38cmx28cm) Price £20
Copied Cat (Mixed Media 20cmx22cm) Price £15
Sara  (Charcoal 30cmx24cm) Price NFS

Artist June Walker
Horse Power (Oil on Canvas 76.5x57cm)  Price £70
Senner Cornwall (Oil on Canvas 61x46cm)  Price £60
Autumn in the Lake District (Oil on Canvas Board  61×50.8cm)  Price £60
Windowmere (Pastel on Pastel paper 48×59.5cm)  Price 60
Bird in the Hand (Acrylics on Canvas 42cm x 60cm ) (Modified Copy of a
Poster by Alfonse Mocha) £70

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